Joe Enos is the founder, executive president, CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, and lead code monkey of No Edge Software. He's been in software development since 2001, working in several different industries and with many types of technology.


No Edge Software has many goals. We develop web applications for various business and personal needs. If there's a process that can be improved, we'll improve it. If there's a need, we'll meet it. If there's an alien invasion, we'll hide under the bed.


You can reach me night and day, weekday and weekend, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (I take every February 29th as a vacation day), by emailing me at info@noedgesoftware.com.


Tech blog

Various code samples and techniques I've accumulated over the years.

Build IMG Tag (In Development)

Upload your image to this site, and we'll provide you with the HTML to create an <img> tag with a data URI with base64 encoding. This is still new, so more functionality will be coming soon.

Convert (In Development)

Convert data into different formats. Only simple conversion now, will have more complex conversion, including text formats and data.

Only Bookmarks (In Development)

There are plenty of places on the web to store your bookmarks. All of them suck - generally it's because they try to shove too much "stuff" into their product. Here you can keep your bookmarks organized into categories, and nothing else.

Simple ToDo List (In Development)

Everyone and their mother has a to-do list. Some of them are even really fantastic. Here's a nice simple one without the bells and whistles.

BYO (build your own) Flashcards (In Development)

Ever need to study for a test, but don't feel like writing out your flashcards? Or are you learning a language and want to test your skills? BYO Flashcards will let you put together personalized flashcards for yourself.

No Gimmick Coins

A bunch of links to places where you can save or earn money. You probably won't retire off of it, but if you give them a chance, you can probably save enough for a few extra steak dinners per year.

No Gimmick Games (More Coming Soon)

We'll have clones of your favorite mobile games, except without all of the stupid little gimmicks. No Star Trek, no cute animals or game shows, just plain time-wasters.